Ruth's On Stafford
Ruth's On Stafford
Ruth's On Stafford
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Custom Requests

Ask Ruth to make a dish or a meal you can share with family or friends.

Adjustments in the Covid 19 days: Ordering special dinners, lunches or treats for celebrations that can’t be as big. Ruth's will deliver - plates and all if you want.

Jan who turned 83 and was hoping to share the meal with her family. Ruth's delivered prime rib dinner to for 2 to Jan and her husband then drove across town to deliver to their daughter and her kids their portions. The family skyped as the ate together. Marvelous memories with marvelous food was the report.

Custom meals - just because: Sometimes you want homemade food, but don’t have the time or energy to make it. This could be your "get out of jail free" card when you need to bring something to an event - a pot luck, a family meal or a meeting. Ruth could also help you fill a freezer with quick meals. Maybe you need her to prep your veggies for your new diet.

Delivery: Map for delivery will be made after ordering closes. Customers will be called to let them know the approximate delivery time based on the most efficient route. It may not match the time requested but we’ll get it there, call, and leave it outside the door. *Special Occasion Meals, Appetizers or Treats - Call to ask about how we can provide food for a special occasion while your “staying in place”.
Contact Us to chat about how we can make life easier and tastier or to place an order.