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Curbside Take-Out Tuesday and Friday Eats

Homemade from scratch meals, soups, breads and desserts are created in Ruth’s on Stafford kitchen. One menu entrée item is ready to eat. Other entrees are You-bake or re-heat. Breads are made fresh on pick up day. Soups are fresh or frozen. Friday meals to go usually include pizza and appetizers. One meal is ready to eat. Other meals are packaged so you can heat them when you get home.
These are our COMFY (carry out meals for you) meals this week.

The Take-Out Tuesday and Friday Eats menu will also offer fresh baked bread, dessert, soups, salad. Stock up for lunch or meals for the week.

Click the buttons below to order between Sunday and Tuesday or sign up for our weekly newsletter of that weeks menu and happenings at Ruth's On Stafford in Dundas MN. - Ruth.

Now Serving:
Take-Out Tuesday

Menu posted Sunday morning.
Order until Tuesday at 9am.

Curbside pick-up
between 4:30 and 7pm.

Now Serving:

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Now Serving:
Friday Eats

Menu posted Wednesday morning.
Order until Friday at 9am.

Curbside pick-up Friday
between 4:30pm and 7pm.
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