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Ruth's On Stafford
Ruth's On Stafford
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“I need to have Ruth’s sweet potato soup in my freezer at all times.”
-- A busy executive

Now Serving: Take-Out Tuesday

Sunday 9am the menu is posted.
Order online 9am Sunday until 9am Tuesday.
Pick up Tuesday between 5-7pm.
Now Serving: Take-Out Tuesday will be offered every week.

The Take-Out Tuesday menu will always offer a meal with bread and dessert options. Sometimes there will be soup, salad, a freezer meal or a recipe Ruth is trying out. Stock up for lunch or meals for the week.

Now Serving: Pop-Ups

Watch Facebook or sign-up for email notifications for our pop-up take-out food or pop-up restaurant at Ruth's on Stafford gathering space.

"Friday Apps"
"Holiday Side Dish"
"Sunday Brunch at Ruth's"
"Special Meals"
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Each week we offer a new delicious home-made menu based on consumer feedback and what our heart is saying at the time. Each dish is meticulously prepared with love - just like mom used to make. We hope you like our meals as much as we do.
Be sure to ask about our COMFY (carry out meals for you) meals this week.

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