Open the Doors to a Unique Catering Experience

Open the Doors to a Unique Catering Experience
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Ruth's On Stafford
Ruth's On Stafford
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Our Menu of Catering Options

Ruth's on Stafford offers catering, take-out, pop-up, and custom requests. We invite you to explore our website and see how we can provide a culinary experience to enhance your event, how you can be notified about take-out pop-up food events, or how you can order specific dishes for an event.  A gathering space for events, meetings and club gatherings is available.
Check Happenings page for current options for catering during the COVID 19 situation.


Your catered event begins with a conversation. It's your vision that drives the menu we create.
Think catered food; now, think again.

Now Serving

On any given day (but always on Tuesday), we will offer take-out or pop-up options for your dinner, freezer, party or fun snacking. Get on our mailing list for notification or order here.
Check to see what's cooking.

Custom Requests

Sometimes you want to share homemade food with friends and family, but want someone else to make it. We can be that someone. Request a dish, a meal, some freezer meals, prep work or ...
Ask us to make a dish or a meal you can share with family or friends.

Gathering Space

Welcoming groups of 2 to 160 to a comfortable meeting and gathering space. Open house for more - especially if you use the outside patios. Cash bar available.
Host your special occasion, meeting or club group at 410 Stafford Lane